The Music

Each Book will have their own Play lists...

For Giving up the Ghost:

So this would be the 13 Shades of Red Set List, if they were real and had the forethought to come up with these amazing songs:

Tip your Bartender- GlassJaw
Reflections- From Autumn to Ashes
No Trivia- From Autumn to Ashes
Anything, Anything- Dramarama
Sugar We’re Going Down- Fallout Boy
The Last Song I Will Ever Write About A Girl- The Ataris
Lovebites and Razorlines- GlassJaw
Gone Away- The Offspring
Dark Paradise- Lana Del Rey
Helena- My Chemical Romance
June and the Ocean- Junction 18
Sorry- Unwritten Law
Your Stories, My Alibis- Matchbook Romance
After Dinner Payback- From Autumn to Ashes
Bring out your dead- Strung Out
I lied my Face off – Alkaline Trio
Starcrossed- River City High

Saffron on the other side, well she’s got her own play list. As she’s a child of the industry, she’s not disposed to one kinda music, so, she’s a bit more eclectic:

She’s in Parties- Bauhaus
Let Love In- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Disintegration- Jimmy Eat World
1000 Kisses Deep- Leonard Cohen
Personal Jesus- Depeche Mode
Lay There and Drown- WEEP
The Passion of Lovers- Bauhaus
A Little Drop of Poison- Tom Waits
When One 8 Becomes 2 zeros- GlassJaw
Sweetest Kill- Broken Social Scene
Blacksheep- metric
Self Destruct- the Movielife
Shadow of a Doubt- Sonic Youth
You’re So Last Summer –Taking Back Sunday
Glossy Books - BodyJar
I’ll Catch You- The Get Up Kids
Better Off Dead- New Found Glory
Suck- Nine Inch Nails
I Feel You- Depeche Mode
Here We Go- Shelter
Cold Enough to Break- Knapsack
I love the way she said L.A. –Spitalfield
Seven Years- Saosin
I Lied My Face Off- Alkaline Trio
So Alive- Love and Rockets
Lullabye- The Cure
This Stolen Moon - WEEP
Big Machine – Mark Duplass
Some Boys -Death Cab for Cutie

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