The Band

Rhys Bellamy
Lead Singer
Medium (As in, I talk to dead people)
Hails from: NOLA
Hair: Brown
Eyes: sexy (as he says)
Height: 5 ft 10
Tattoos: Many
Piercings: *Smirk*
Style: Jeans, tshirts, sneakers, hoodies. I prefer to blend into a crowd
Likes: bumper cars, sexy punk rock girls and no complications
Dislikes: meatloaf, girls with butterfly tattoos and soy milk
MUSE: Conor Oberst

Winter Tulane
Time Demon (he can slow time... *Wiggles eyebrows*)
Hails from: NOLA
Hair: Brown with blonde highlights
Eyes: Honey colored
Height: 5 ft 10
Tattoos: Many
Piercings: middle of his bottom lip, and one other place *smirk*
Style: Hoodies, jeans, tshirts, sneakers
Likes: hot goth girls, fudge sundaes, and sushi
Dislikes: complications, clingy girls and Thai food.
MUSE: Jared Leto

Nyx Deveraux
Keyboards/ Ivories
Hails from: NOLA
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
height: 5 ft 7
Tattoos: none
Piercings: Tongue
Style: girlie t's, skinny jeans, five inch heels, belt fetish
Likes: men, music and life
Dislikes: catty females, being told what to do, and avocado.
MUSE: Shirley Manson

Tosh Tillman
Hails from NOLA (originally Florida)
Hair: dirty blonde
Eyes: blue
Height: 6 ft 1
Tattoos: two clan brands on his shoulder
Piercings: None.
Style: leather pants, wife beaters and boots
Likes: redheads, sexy situations and beef
Dislikes: duty, carnivals and zoos
MUSE: Jamie Davis

Chandler Holms
Hails from NOLA (Originally from Mobile)
Hair: longish, sandy blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 ft 11
Tattoos: The Shades crow on his shoulder
Piercings: none
Style: Jeans and tshirts, While playing: Shorts, no shoes, wife beaters in black
Likes: beer, reading and bad 80's movies
Dislikes: the ocean, sand and bugs
MUSE: Taylor Kitch

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